Is everything about 'SEX' available on Google or YouTube?

As on date Google Search for “sex education for happy married life” gives About 10,50,000 results (0.65 seconds) and still this "Family Guide" may not be in that list today

  • Is it practical in busy schedule of a home maker to scan through these sites and derive which information would answer their personal issues without being bias

Most sites assume teenage-sex and sex outside marriage as normal occurrence and recommend use of condom as protection against Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

  • We believe if couple cultivates loving relationship, they can not only ensure stronger monogamous relationship but also never have fear of HIV or other STDs
  • Moreover, condoms do not guarantee protection from STDs
  • Best part of monogamous married life is that, couple can enjoy sex without barrier of condom

Even when you scan popular websites which appear on first two pages of the search result, you keep straying yourself with attractive topics till you get lost in the ocean of information.

  • We offer a ‘well’ with ample water to drink, in place of ocean full of water which is of no use unless it is desalinated
  • “Family Guide” is result of over 25 years of research and involvement of hundreds of medical specialists from different faculties
  • The information in “Family Guide” is scaled to bare minimum without losing any content of vital importance; to make it practical for a reader to understand and adapt

Most websites do not take responsibility of medical authenticity and its legal permissibility in India (or any particular country)

  • Information given in “Family Guide” is medically authenticated and legally permissible not only in India bur also in most developed and democratic countries
  • Since “Family Guide” is open only to adult subscribers, we can publish unrestricted text content, photographs and diagrams to make each topic easily understandable by any non-medical person

Google Search permits ads on the search pages which may mislead the viewer unknowingly

  • “Family Guide” strictly does not advertise any commercial product, sex toys or adult publications.

And About YouTube

During our research we have scanned YouTube extensively, and failed miserably in getting right information exclusively given for viewer’s benefit.

Apart from losing precious time in going through the entire video to know its contents, we observed most videos were produced for promotion of sex-therapy clinics

We too propose to have informative videos in “Family Guide”, but they may not be posted on YouTube because, our videos will be designed exclusively for our subscribers, so that we can incorporate unrestricted content in respect of text, video-clips, photographs, diagrams etc.

In short, Google/YouTube search can lead us to any information we are looking for. Even we go through them for reference.

But, if you need information specially assorted for your issues, do subscribe We will not disappoint you.