Our Credentials

Our Background in Patient Education

CCPL Software, the world’s first multilingual Patient Counselling Software was designed and developed in 1996, by Dr. Vivek Koppikar, for various medical specialities like Gynaecology, Fertility, Surgery, Ophthalmology, ENT, Orthopedics, Dentistry and Family Physician.

This software, which explains medical problems and treatment options in nine Indian languages, is now being used by over 4000 medical specialists from more than 450 locations across India.

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Evolution of guideforcouples.com 

Research for this "Family Guide" for sex was initiated by Dr. Vivek Koppikar in 1987.

During the formative years of this family guide, until 1998, vital contribution and guidance in respect of sexuality related issues was given by Dr. J.V. Bhatt, eminent professor of Physiology and former Dean of KJ Somaiyya Medical College, Mumbai.

Dr. Koppikar took formal Sex Educators Training from Dr. Rajan Bhonsle, eminent Sex and Marriage Counsellor in Mumbai.

Major Gynaecology related inputs are from Dr. Rakesh Sinha, the eminent Gynaecologist and Endoscopic surgeon in Mumbai

Guidance in respect of “infertility” was from Fertility specialist, Dr. Shreyas Padgaonkar, Mumbai.

Dr. Koppikar received valuable feedbacks from Gynaecologists Dr. Mohan Raut and Dr. Mugdha Raut, who run India’s first Gynaecological Counselling Centre, in Mumbai.

Guidance in respect of intimacy related topics was from Dr. Priti Vyas, eminent Gynaecologist in Mumbai who specializes in women’s intimacy issues.

Guidance in psychological perspective is from Psychologist, Dr. Ambrish Bhatt, Mumbai.

During the entire phase of development for this Family Guide, Dr. Koppikar has interacted with hundreds of Family Physicians and several Gynaecologists in Mumbai to understand the actual need of sex related information for individuals and couples.

More, importantly, this family guide received its direction from several married women, who shared their valuable experiences.

Finally, compilation of information in “guideforcouples.com ” is a value based, medically authenticated and legally permitted in India; derived from various publications, research articles and surveys published internationally during past several decades.

Even then, we look forward to medical specialists, psychologists as well as therapists across the world to give their precious inputs and make this “Family Guide” more beneficial to couples in any part of the world, in making their marriages happier and loving.

Ensuring long-term happy marriages is possible. We invite you to be part of our mission in conveying this message to those who need it most, across the globe.