About Us . . .

guideforcouples.com is released with a sole purpose of helping couples to prevent divorce and build long-term loving relationship.

This “Family Guide” is released by Focus Promotion Private Limited, Mumbai, founded by Dr. Vivek Koppikar, an Orthodontist by profession.

Dr. Koppikar left his lucrative Orthodontic practice (1976 to 1996) to serve the need of medical practitioners for ‘Patient Counselling Software’, ‘Practice Management Software’ and ‘Web-Portal' facility.

So far these products have served more than 4000 medical specialists practicing at over 450 locations across India. Details of all our services to Medical Professionals, is explained in website of our Company, www.havefocus.com

For past 10 years, Dr. Koppikar has also been conducting seminars and workshops on topics like “How to keep your Family Happy”, “How to Mentor your Family”, and “Stress Removal”, which were attended by over 20,000 participants so far from practically all walks of life.

Dr. Koppikar has also made his presentations to over 5000 Police Constables and over 500 Police Officers on “How to keep family happy even in most stressful work conditions”

Making families happier in present day stressful work environment is easily possible and this “Family Guide” is part of our contribution to society in that direction.

Our research of over 25 years and inputs from hundreds of medical professionals is now made available in the form of this "Family Guide" to help families across the world.

Our goal will be achieved when this “Family Guide” becomes part of every family’s ‘First-Aid’ Kit.

We need support from every corner of the world. Do subscribe it, gift it, and recommend it to families you wish to make happier.