How we are different...

"We proudly say this “Family Guide” is

  • Restricted to sexual content which is value based, medically authenticated and legally permitted in India.
  • We focus on sexual behaviours leading to healthier and loving marital relationship
  • Teenage-Sex, Pre-marital sex, Living-in relationship or Extra-marital relationship is not within the scope of this “Family Guide”
  • We strongly believe oral sex should not be imposed on spouse without consent and advocate prohibition of anal-sex
  • Compilation of this “Family Guide” is outcome of research of Dr. Vivek Koppikar for over 25 years with inputs from hundreds of Medical Professionals.

Content is available only to subscribers

  • The contents of this "Family Guide" being adult in nature, requiring discretion of the viewer, we have restricted the same only for the subscriber.
  • We recommend visitors to scan through all the titles and go through our credentials before confirming the subscription.

It’s not free, not even demo

  • To enable and afford consistency in updates focused on needs of the subscribers and not just flood of information.
  • To sustain our object of communicating value based sexual relationship
  • To enable us to do unrestricted value addition
  • No Advertisements or Links to any commercial websites
  • No links to Porno sites or to sex-toys sellers

When we talk about enjoying sex, we mean

  • Developing loving long-term relationship in marriage
  • Sharing sexual pleasure throughout married life
  • Understanding and coping up with partner's sexuality without losing personal identity